* Beatific are all people who have NOT seen, known atmosphere in many activities, seminaries, but likely accepted, helped, believed work of seminaries. Practical blindness was and is limitation, but not possibility understanding all about seminaries here. Because I have not solved seminaries, because 5% of vision was strong limitation, I started preparing, testing methods for visually impaired, for possibilities solving seminaries. Specially with EuroProject LAMBDA www.lambdaproject.org. Games presents great motivation for something. Blind must NOT be limited.


Information summary about seminaries in Slovakia

Vladimír Zahoranský

FMFI UK, Bratislava, 2004

(documentation information about correspondence seminaries and other mathematical activities for pupils or young people from Slovakia)





   Correspondence seminaries present most popular mathematical activities in Slovakia for pupils or young people. Correspondence seminaries, mathematical camps, solvers meetings are a great support for Mathematical Olympiad Competition, mathematics education, didactics of mathematics research, free time activity, learning by developing for pupils or young people. Many seminaries and other activities have www pages just in Slovak language. In my information summary you can find basic information about all seminaries, many links and photos. Most of people have interested on photos from several mathematical solvers meetings or camps. I have included a lot of it. Especially well known painted chronicles of Strom seminary. Here are many cases for you for cooperation with owner correspondence seminaries. Owner seminaries are very interested on experience exchange, project participation and for other forms of cooperation. I have sorted all information to sections for better reading :


A – Small remember to history

B – Meaning of seminaries for pupils, group leaders and teachers from standard classes

C – Basic information about seminaries, orientation in this document

D – Links, contacts to concrete seminaries, P-MAT, STROM, KMS, FKS, KSP and foundation INGENIUM or project KAFOMET




A – Small remember to history

   In Slovakia or Czech republic mathematical or physical correspondence seminaries have more then 20 years long time tradition. Vít Hejný (father of professor Hejný) and professor Milan Hejný (soon) are founders and creators of this tradition. During the congress of Union of Czechoslovak mathematicians and physicians, during year 1975, Vít Hejný presented his vision on working with pupils or young people during mathematical camps, solvers meetings, specially, idea of correspondence seminaries. It was not easy to realise this revolution idea. Totality regime in Czechoslovakia liquidated all activities oriented on forming personal basic democratical skills, having personal opinion, law to living in freedom society, and other. Vít and Milan Hejný prepared some mathematical group meetings during year 1976 and 1977. His success was glorious. During the year 1976, one group of young students of mathematics education combination heard about this activity and inspired doing it. With Vít and Milan Hejný started first correspondence seminary named STROM (in Eng. Tree). During year 1977, in plenary assembly of Mathematical Olympiad Competition, committee accepted Vít and Milan Hejný’s  ideas. Vít and Milan started preparing methodical publication for group leaders. In the end of development, two weeks before First camp of TMM (TMM – Tábor Mladých Matematikov – Camp of Young Mathematicians), Vít Hejný (1902-1977) abruptly die, in his 75 age. But this idea never die. Professor Hejný continued on this activity very intensively. Professor Hejný have published some articles about his working in seminaries. Many teachers on standard schools have interested and cooperated on this great activity. Professor Hejný’s work for seminaries is the remembrance, regard to his Father. Characterisation of professor Hejný’s work for seminaries is self-sacrifice, modesty, free-heartedness. This is the base of motivation for group leaders for today. *








B – Meaning of seminaries for pupils, group leaders and teachers

   During more then 20 years, during all time, seminaries cumulated wide range of experience on working with pupils or young people, organisation of seminaries, communication and working with teachers in basic or grammar schools. Many activities are supporting for Mathematical Olympiad Competition. Many experiences are presenting many topics of didactics of mathematics. For your work, research orientation too. Here is a great space for your communication, experience exchange and other activities. Slovakia joined (1.5.2004) to European Union. Here are great chances for mobilities. For you, your students of education combination, for solvers from your region or from your country. Many group leaders from seminaries have studied education combination in university. At the present they are teaching in basic or grammar schools. Seminaries are very interested on finding new contacts in European Union or in other countries. In your region, in your country. Information about seminaries, pupils mathematical meetings, group leaders, contests, participations in research programs or other interesting contacts from your country. They are thanking you for all info, contacts, which you share with their.


What give seminaries, camps, solvers meetings for pupils or young people :   (15 items)

  • Personal development, logical thinking development, creativity development
  • Personal presentation on the group, presentation of personal opinion, suggestion
  • Team working, team cooperation
  • Great chance to find good friends with similar orientation of interest
  • Not giving up from abortion
  • Powerful activity for spear time for pupils or young people
  • Competition with other pupils (or young people)
  • Learning by developing
  • Motivation for learning mathematical thinking and solving problems alone or in teams
  • For talented pupils interest on mathematics or physics more then in basic curriculum, in standard schools, classrooms
  • Travelling, knowing history, nature, mountains in Slovakia or Czech republic
  • Understanding thinking of other pupils, other students in standard classes
  • Learning regard, respects to teachers, to group leaders, other pupils (solvers), or in general, thinking, knowing
  • Playing games with other pupils or young people in nature
  • Time shared on camps or on meeting with other students present most wonderful and lucky time in life


What give seminaries, camps, solvers meetings for group leaders :   (15 items)

  • Preparation of interesting problems in motivation forms for solvers from basic or grammar schools
  • Experience with working with pupils or young people, understanding his behaviour
  • Organisation meetings with solvers, summer camps
  • Education skills, teaching pupils or young people
  • Valuating and controlling solvers solutions
  • Understanding solvers mathematical thinking from his problem solutions
  • Team working, team coordination, keep under critical situations
  • Knowing many interesting thinks about several topics, nature, astronomy, history, world, culture, habits, traditions …
  • Creating, Managing, Working on projects or grants
  • Publication and presentation possibilities of his work
  • Great education place for building personal career, like teacher, educator, manager, education or mathematics (physics) science
  • Finding new friends with similar directions of interest
  • Powerful activity for spear time
  • Travelling, knowing nature and mountains in Slovakia or Czech republic
  • Time shared on camps or on meetings with other students present most wonderful and luck time in life





What give seminaries, camps, solvers meetings for teachers in standard classes :   (15 items)

  • A great chance to motivate high talented pupils or students for natural science, mathematics, physics or informatics
  • Excellent support for mathematical Olympiad competition in many cases
  • Wide range of interesting problems in motivation form for pupils (young people) for long time solving, for education use
  • Better understanding behaviour of high talented pupils or young people
  • Space for personal educational development, teachers can cooperate with seminaries
  • Excellent place for learning new topics of knowing in the wide range of interest
  • Interesting activities, use of ICT (Internet) in education
  • Integration of high talented pupils (young people) to standard education
  • Excellent place for practical teaching experience exchange with group leaders or other teachers
  • Excellent place for teachers personal presentation, his work, education approaches
  • Meeting with other teachers, educators, students of education combinations, solvers
  • Good topic for presentation of pupils (young people) results of his work in classroom
  • Learning by developing
  • Experience with integration In several projects, activities not localized in the place of teacher’s work
  • Experience with organization, management of mathematical contest or mathematical meetings for pupils or young people in classroom




C – Basic information about seminaries, orientation in this document

   Many seminaries are a member of Slovak Mathematical Society (SMS is a section of JSMF) of Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicians (JSMF). Many seminaries are supporting, helpful in activities for national Mathematical Olympiad Competition. Today all activities in seminaries are supported by non profit organizations or University subparts (departments, institutes). In this document all information (links) are sorted by location of this organizations. Some non profit organizations are supporting many type of activities. Second criterion in sorting is the name of seminary. In this summary are included information about foundation (especially INGENIUM), which is supporting education and other activities for group leaders and other projects. Special topic, in the end of document, present KAFOMET, activity for teachers from Czech republic. Because many seminars have similar directions, structure, I present equal aspects in one place, for better reading of this document. Special aspects are presented in the concrete types of seminary or activity. Individual activities are included before contact information.



Aspects about correspondence seminaries :   (10 items)

  • Divided to two parts, winter part, summer part (semester)
  • In general, one part have 3 series
  • Correspondence seminaries are personal contest, for solving at home
  • Problems are posted in paper version, email, mobil message, are published in www pages
  • Solutions are sent after series with corrected problems and actual high score summary
  • Seminaries are oriented to talented pupils (young people) in mathematics or physics
  • Problems are more difficult then in traditional books, problems need experimentation, creativity, using non traditional approaches
  • Problems are presented in the story, in the motivation form, with pictures
  • Solver must pay post rates, stumps
  • Post after deadline is penalized, one point per day (by stump day)









Aspects about MATBOJ (NABOJ, FYZBOJ)   (14 items)

  • 2x per year competition
  • One day team contest (often 5 members), in one large room
  • Pupils may not be solvers of seminaries
  • Solvers meeting (at about 250 per one event, summation is per all events)
  • Solving problems are composed to concrete story, movie, cartoon.
  • Solving the problem is acting in the adventure, story. Successful solver is the hero in the story, cartoon. solution of problem mean continue in the story.
  • Solver have often crosses in the story. Solver can choice his way in the story
  • Problems are presented in non traditional motivation form
  • Problems are more difficult then in standard mathematical books
  • This contest make great motivation to solving mathematical problems, interest to mathematics
  • This contest give creativity and logical thinking development for solvers
  • Learning by developing
  • Team working and team communication, team strategies development
  • Interesting use of ICT in the contest




D – Links, contacts to seminaries

   Allow me to present you hierarchy of links and other info for better reading. After it come information about concrete seminaries by this hierarchy.


Sequence of links :


  • Basic information about P-MAT non profit organization
  • PIKOMAT and PIKOFYZ seminary
  • FYZIQ seminaries
  • CUBE weekends
  • Summer camps, solvers meetings
  • ILand, e-learning activities
  • Contact



  • basic information about STROM association
  • STROM seminary for grammar schools
  • Matik Seminary for basic school (years 7-9 classes)
  • Malynar Seminary for basic school (years 4-6 classes)
  • TMM and solvers meetings
  • Contact



  • basic information about seminry
  • Solvers meeting
  • Contact




  • information about KAFOMET project
  • information about VIDACT project
  • Contact


Mathematical Olympiad Competition

http://matematika.webpark.sk/ - Mathematical Olympiad Competition, official web page, with contacts and regional groups and committee, SK




P-MAT, no profit organization : http://www.p-mat.sk

P-MAT organize correspondence seminaries PIKOMAT, PIKOFYZ, FYZIQ, camps, cube meetings, Best solvers mathematical meetings, journal, interesting education methods, Investland.

  • P-MAT main page http://www.p-mat.sk, SK
  • Office site is Bratislava
  • Most successive continuation of professor Hejný’s work
  • Members of P-MAT are in general university students
  • Huge types of activities, very interesting for you
  • Logo of P-MAT http://www.p-mat.sk/index.php
  • All pages are in Slovak language, English version not exist
  • PIKO is subpart name for names of other activities



PIKOMAT (PIjonierský KOrešpondenčný MATematický seminár, Pioneer Correspondence Mathematical Seminary - PCMS)

  • Seminary with more then 20 years successful tradition
  • Oriented for pupils from basic schools (classes 5-9, age 11-15)
  • All series have 5 problems
  • Best 4 results come to high score summary
  • Criterion for solvers meeting – More then 50% of points from some two series from last part
  • PIKO is subpart name for names of other activities
  • Pioneer “name” is a tradition, regard, to all who stayed in the beginning, good thinks are always good …


www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/main.php - main page of PIKOMAT seminary, actual information, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/archiv.php - Archive of problems, from last several years, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/letak.php - Motivation broadsheet, detailed information about seminary, directions, motivation, rules …, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/poriadok.php - Organization rules of PIKOMAT seminary, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/historia.php - History of PIKOMAT, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikomat/veduci.php - Page of actual group leaders of PIKOMAT seminary, SK




  • Oriented just for pupils from basic schools from Bratislava region, where is organization site
  • Divided to two times, for basic school (class years 5-9), for first part of 8-year grammar school (prima – kvarta)
  • Results are summarised per each class year


http://www.p-mat.sk/matboj/main.php - Basic page of MATBOJ

http://www.p-mat.sk/matboj/2001.php - Photos from year 2001

http://www.p-mat.sk/matboj/2004.php - Actual information about MATBOJ, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/matboj/2004vyszs.php - high score result summary of fifth year of MATBOJ, SK



PIKOPretek (PIKOContest)

  • One day contest in the nature
  • Mathematical sporting contest
  • In the nature solvers are heroes, actors in the story, movie …
  • Contest is oriented to students from Bratislava city (Bratislava region)


http://www.p-mat.sk/pikopretek/main.php - Basic page (SK)

http://www.p-mat.sk/fotky/photo.php?album=pikopretek2004 - Photos from this year, down are buttons for next collections of photos from this action

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikopretek/pribeh2000.php - Year 2000 – Greek mythology stories (SK)

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikopretek/pribeh2002.php - Other story from year 2002 (SK)

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikopretek/vysledky2004.php - high score result summary of fifth year of PIKOPretek, SK



PIKOSobota (PIKOSaturday)

  • Meeting of solvers, organisers, from Bratislava region
  • Periodicity is one per mount during school year
  • This meetings are not oriented to mathematics
  • This is friends personal meeting
  • Playing games, in nature, visitation of castles, museums …
  • Funny activity
  • Participants are preparing report from this action


http://www.p-mat.sk/pikosoboty/main.php - main page

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikosoboty/nitra.php - Photos from PIKOSobota from Martin

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikosoboty/soboty_2003.php - Report examples, written funny

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikosoboty/PB070929a.jpg - solvers report example, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikosoboty/soboty.php - old reports, years 1997 – 1999, SK



PIKOKružky (PIKOMeetings), Krúžky (Meetings)

  • Organised in standard schools, standard classrooms, standard teachers
  • PIKOMeetings are day activity, in general in all weeks during school year
  • Meetings are organised after education, students are in general from concrete school
  • Teachers are in general last group leaders from P-MAT, but some actual group leaders are doing it too
  • Students in education combination have accepted this in the criterion of education experience in practice in his study (if student do it during whole one year)
  • Direction is different then in other activities – lectures, mathematical historical stories, funny stories about mathematicians, individual activities
  • Oriented to all students, solving seminary is not condition
  • Good propagation of mathematics between pupils or young people
  • Playing similar games like carts, chess, puzzles …
  • Teachers like this activity and they are interested and working on it


http://www.p-mat.sk/kruzky/main.php - Mathematical Meetings main page

http://www.p-mat.sk/kruzky/kruzok1.php - Page of one meeting, motivation page










PIKOFYZ (PIKO Physic, Pioneer Correspondence Physical Seminary PCPS)

  • Similar like PIKOMAT directed to physics
  • Seminary with 6 year tradition


http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/main.php - PIKOFYZ - Main page, Sk

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/archiv.php - Pikofyz, problems archive

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/letak.php - Motivation broadsheet, detailed information about seminary, directions, motivation, rules …, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/veduci.php - leaders of PIKOFYZ seminary, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/poriadok.php - organization rules of PIKOFYZ seminary, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikofyz/historia.php - history of PIKOFYZ, SK



FYZIQ (Physical IQ Contest)

  • Oriented to all students, NOT specially for talented student
  • Contest with many solvers (more then thousand)
  • Oriented to 7-9 classes (13-15 years pupils, young people)
  • Problems are solving able for all who have basic knowledge presented in standard classrooms
  • Problems are oriented to be “intelligent”
  • During this year is FYZIQ organized in Czech republic too


http://www.p-mat.sk/fyziq/main.php - Main page of FYZIQ, archive of problems

http://www.p-mat.sk/fyziq/Pokynyzima2004.pdf - Information for solvers, rules, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/cr/main.php - Main page of FYZIQ in Czech republic, CZ

http://www.p-mat.sk/cr/osnovaCR04.pdf - charts of needed knowledge’s, CZ




  • Electronic  Stock market contest for pupils to learn principles of economy
  • Oriented for pupils from basic schools (classes 5-9, age 11-15), or first degree of grammar schools (prima – kvarta)
  • All pupils have chance to join to this contest
  • This contest have four kategories
  • Best solvers are invited to solvers meeting where will hear interesting lectures of people from this practice field too


http://www.p-mat.sk/pikoinvest/main.php  - Main page of PIKOInvest, SK

http://www.p-mat.sk/pikoinvest/p2004-05.doc - Rules of PIKOInvest, SK



ILand (Investland)

  • Electronic virtual stock market, business managers game
  • For all pupils or young people from basic or grammar schools
  • Directed to learn pupils principles of economy, management of companies, business
  • Very attractive and popular game between pupils


http://www.investland.sk - Investland main page, SK

http://www.investland.sk/index.php?fetch=71&full=1&timeall=1097869145&lang=1&ident=0 - Information and rules about investland

http://www.investland.sk/index.php?fetch=1&full=1&timeall=1097869520&lang=1&ident=0 - Investland news journal, journal for players, SK

http://www.investland.sk/index.php?fetch=9&full=1&timeall=1097869567&lang=1&ident=0 - Investland supermarket, where player can buy something

http://www.iland.sk - Main page of Investland moved to ILand



Activities or interesting topics on www pages of P-MAT:

http://www.p-mat.sk/casopis/main.php - Journal “Tree point fourteen”

http://www.p-mat.sk/hernik/main.php - Games with child’s, more then 100 games, many types, for many situations

http://www.p-mat.sk/fanatik/main.php - Recreational mathematics, more then 30 problems, puzzles, interesting problems for mathematical groups

http://www.p-mat.sk/fotky/main.php - Photos from several actions, click to other collection


Contact :

P-MAT non profit organization

Office :   Kalinčiakova 27, 831 04 Bratislava 3, Slovakia, European Union

Post Communication : P-MAT, n.o. , P.O. BOX 2 , 814 99

Bratislava 1, Slovakia, European Union (for solvers)

Phone/Fax : +421-2-444 55 828

p-mat@p-mat.sk, vagasky@p-mat.sk (director – Mgr. Martin Vagasky)





INGENIUM Foundation  (http://www.ingenium.sk)

Foundation for support activities for correspondence seminaries

  • Founded during the year 2001
  • Supports summer schools of Ingenium foundation
  • Supports programme Science for young people
  • Supports several activities in natural science for young people
  • E-publication of materials, documents, articles about correspondence seminaries, camps



Veda pre mládež (Science for young people)

  • This is programme for free time activities for young people
  • Non traditional interesting activities (sciences) for young people
  • Building cube from standard matches
  • Philantropy and science
  • Propagation of science for young people
  • Foundation support projects, grants in this topic, participation is welcome
  • Foundation support public collections for this programme
  • If you are interested to cooperate, contact foundation for detailed information


http://www.ingenium.sk/veda?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - Science for young people, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/filantropia?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - philanthropy main page

http://www.ingenium.sk/veda/grant/?PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Grant rules, in Slovak, for communication contact foundation


Školy nadácie Ingenium (Schools of foundation Ingenium)

·         Exist tree types of schools of Ingenium

·         Winter school of Ingenium foundation (ZSNI)

·         Summer school of Ingenium foundation (LSNI)

·         Weeks school of Ingenium foundation (VSNI)

·         Schools are oriented for beginner group leaders, how prepare solver meetings, seminary, problems, organization of seminaries, cooperation in projects

·         Schools are interesting for ambitious teachers from basic or grammar school

·         Schools are oriented to exchange experience from several seminaries in Slovakia and abroad

  • Support education lectures for group leaders or teachers in owner faculty (FMFI UK)



http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/vsni/?PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - main page of schools of Ingenium Foundation

http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/vsni/vsni.php?id_article=10&PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Photos from first Weekend School of Ingenium Foundation, photos are unsorted

http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/vsni/vsni.php?id_article=16&PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Second WSIF, presentation of understanding solvers thinking, preparation of problems, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/vsni/vsni.php?id_article=17&PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Fourth WSIF, you can see query sheets, preparation of MATBOJ, problems, solutions, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/vsni/vsni.php?id_article=19&PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Fifth WSIF, you can see some photos, unsorted, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/korespondencneseminare?PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - Actual correspondence seminaries in Slovakia, SK



Correspondence seminaries web pages :

  • Support Mathematical meetings (groups) in Slovakia
  • Publication many interesting materials oriented to correspondence seminaries
  • Date summary of all solver meetings, activities in several seminaries in Slovakia


http://www.ingenium.sk/koresp/korespondencneseminare?PHPSESSID=f7949f330e31d84c9fc5fcb74c269e03 - main page, summary of all seminaries in Slovakia, active and passive, www links



Publications for seminaries

·         Foundation Ingenium support free on-line archive of materials (articles, books) oriented to seminaries, contents

  • You can find legendary publication - Vit Hejny and Milan Hejny – Pracovne materially skoliaceho strediska TMM (Working materials for support organisations of TMM , TMM – Cumps of Young Mathematicians)
  • Public discussion about seminaries organization

·         On-line discussion is a place for experience exchange between seminaries

·         Propagation work of seminaries in society

·         Diploma or other theses of group leaders studied in education combinations, publications are directed to seminaries


http://www.ingenium.sk/materialy?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - on-line materials, in Slovak language, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/materialy/svp.xls?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - Summary and contacts to Schools in nature, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/forum?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - online forum, SK



How cooperating with Ingenium Foundation? How helping Ingenium Foundation?

·         Contact Ingenium Foundation

·         Ask for more information about actual activities in foundation

·         If you want send money, please contact director of foundation for detailed information

·         If you are interested on mobilities activities, please contact director of foundation


http://www.ingenium.sk/pomoc?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - help us, how to make sponsorship, partnership …, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/pomoc/dakujeme?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - Some donors, sponsorships, SK

http://www.ingenium.sk/pomoc/percento?PHPSESSID=dfa8b76b22542ec63f2f5f30650a7ebd - 2% of rate formulary for Ingenium Foundation, important information, SK



Contact :

Kalinčiakova 27, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union
Tel.:  +421 - 2 - 44 634 383  (English, Deutsch, Slovak, Czech)
Fax.: +421- 2 - 444 55 828

Ingenium@ingenium.sk, masaryk@ingenium.sk - director – Mgr. Ivan Masaryk


Bank account – Foundation main account :   (HELP US TO MAKE GREAT THINKS)

Tatra bank : 2621545707/1100
Bank account – Science for young people :   (HELP US TO MAKE GREAT THINKS)

Tatra bank 2620701552/1100




Združenie STROM (Association Strom)

  • Web page of association – www.strom.sk - main page, http://zdruzenie.strom.sk/ , association information page
  • Office site Košice (East Slovakia region)
  • Seminary STROM is first known correspondence seminary in East Europe (1976)
  • Seminary STROM started in cooperation with Vít Hejný and Milan Hejný
  • Strom support seminaries Matik, Malinar and Strom
  • Name STROM means in English Tree
  • Strom supports e-conference ZRPS (Group of solvers and friends of Strom seminary)
  • Strom supports many query sheets about correspondence seminary
  • Support TMM (Camps of young mathematicians)
  • Strom prepare well known painted chronicle annals from solver meetings
  • Strom support many activities in cooperation with teachers from basic or grammar schools
  • Nice and very interesting social, cultural and mathematical games for solvers meetings


Correspondence seminary Strom

  • Name STROM means Súťaž Talentovaných Riešiteľov Obľubujúcich Matematiku (Contest of talented solvers who likes mathematics)
  • STROM is directed to talented students of secondary schools or second part of 8 years gymnasiums (kvinta to octava), age 15-19
  • Strom have two parts (semesters) with two series
  • two series are sent at once, with different deadlines
  • all series have 8 problems, for all solvers years of education
  • ranking is different for all degrees (classes)
  • all problems are marked 0-5 points
  • best 6 are marked to solvers summary, see details for concrete degree in www page
  • best solvers are invited to solvers meeting
  • solvers can score extra points, if solution is non-traditional, elegant, effective, short …
  • solutions must have standard form, documentation, like in Mathematical Olympiad
  • problems, motivations and other information are sent like STROM journal



http://www.strom.sk/strom/index.html - main page of STROM seminary

http://www.strom.sk/strom/archiv/main.htm - archive of STROM problems

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/index_debata.html - solvers discussion, his opinions, about formulation of problem, about other problems with group leaders

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/index_pikosky.html - funny reactions of solvers

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/pikosky/potyzima1999.htm - funny commentaries from year 1999

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/pikosky/potyleto2000.htm - funny commentaries from year 2000

http://www.strom.sk/matboj/starematboje/2004leto/vysledky.htm - summary of last MATBOJ from Kosice

http://www.strom.sk/matboj/starematboje/2003zima/vysledky.htm - summary of last MATBOJ from Presov

http://www.strom.sk/strom/veduci/main.htm - summary of actual group leaders of STROM

http://www.strom.sk/strom/veduci/starved.htm - summary of old group leaders of STROM

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/poll/stareankety.php - old query sheets about seminary STROM


STROM camps or solvers meetings, TMM

Main pages of TMM activities :

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001rokytov/index.html - Main page of TMM from Rokytov 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001medzev/index.html - Main page of TMM from Medzev 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2000mikova/index.html - Main page of TMM from Mikova 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2000gelnica/index.html - Main page of TMM from Gelnica 2000, SK


Photos from camps or solvers meetings :

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2004medzev/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Medzev (born city of one (Rudolf Suster) Slovak president), year 2004, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2003hranovnica/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Hranovec, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2003mikova/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Mikova 2003, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2002rejdova/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Reidova 2002, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2002kojsov/intro/clanok1.htm - story from solvers meeting from Kojsov 2002, interest to old Egypt culture, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001rokytov/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Rokytov 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001medzev/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Medzev 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2000mikova/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Mikova 2000, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2000gelnica/fotky.htm - photos from solvers meeting from Gelnica 2000, SK


Painted chronicle annals from solvers meetings :

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/1997gelnica/kronika/strana1.htm - Painted chronicle annals from solvers meeting from year 1997, Gelnica, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/1998juskovavola/kronika/strana1.htm - Painted chronicle annals from solvers meeting from year 1998, Juskova vola, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/1998sirava/kronika/strana1.htm - Painted chronicle annals from solvers meeting Sirava, from year 1998, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/1999kojsov/kronika/strana1.htm - Painted chronicle annals from solvers meeting Kojsov, from year 1999, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/1999juskovavola/kronika/strana1.htm - Painted chronicle annals from solvers meeting Juskova vola, from year 1999, SK


Other interesting links or pictures about STROM seminary :

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001rokytov/material/dej.htm - Story from TMM - Rokytov 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001rokytov/material/anketa.htm - results of query sheet from TMM – Rokytov 2001, SK

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2000gelnica/material/slobodnym.mp3 - Hymnum of solvers meetings

http://www.strom.sk/strom/sustredenia/2001medzev/legenda.htm - Nostradamus legend, pictures, from TMM from Rokytov 2001

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/00roklinka1.jpg - propagation plagat

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/00roklinka2.jpg - propagation plagat

http://www.strom.sk/zabavky/zrps.htm - Zdruzenie Riesitelov a Priatelov Stromu




Seminary Matik

  • Organized by STROM association
  • Seminary with 18 years tradition
  • Seminar oriented for pupils classes 7-9 (13-15 years)
  • Seminar have similar structure like STROM
  • This seminar is very good preparation for STROM
  • Seminar is oriented on logical thinking development, creativity
  • Group leaders are from grammar schools (Gymasium Alejova) or university students
  • Solvers trips are one per mouth, solvers are from region Kosice


http://matik.strom.sk - Matik seminary main page, SK

http://matik.strom.sk/pravidla.php - Rules of Matik seminary, non traditional approach, SK

http://matik.strom.sk/veduci.php - Group leaders of Matik seminary, good contacts

http://matik.strom.sk/zadania.php - Matik seminary problems archive

http://www.strom.sk/vylety - main page of Matik seminary


http://www.strom.sk/vylety/fotky.php?dir=vylet20040918&view=index - Lajoska solvers trip photos

http://www.strom.sk/vylety/fotky.php?dir=vylet20040618&view=index - Branisko solvers trip photos

http://www.strom.sk/vylety/fotky.php?dir=vylet20040412&view=index - Easters solvers trip photos

http://www.strom.sk/vylety/fotky.php?dir=vylet20040412&view=index&idx=1 - second part

http://www.strom.sk/vylety/fotky.php?dir=vylet20040412&view=index&idx=2 - third part


http://www.matfyz.cz/jelwa - interesting mathematical problems, in CZ

http://vegh.ide.sk/index2.php - interesting web page of one cooperative teacher with Matik seminary

http://matik.strom.sk/bonusy/footix.jpg - One example of Matik post envelope



Seminary Malynár

  • organized by Strom association
  • oriented for classes 4-6 of basic school (age 10-12)
  • seminary with two parts, winter part and summer part with two series
  • seminary with 15 years tradition
  • solvers meetings are often in schools in nature in East Slovakia region
  • during summer are organized for solvers TMM – Camp of young (pupils) mathematicians
  • TMM are organized for seminary Matik and Malynar once
  • Seminary Malynar have MATBOJ named Mamut with four successful years
  • Seminary Malynar publish journal for solvers in cartoon form
  • Solvers meetings are cartoon form with friendly atmosphere and nice photos


http://malynar.strom.sk - main page of Malynar seminary

http://malynar.strom.sk/pravidla.php - Malynar seminary rules, SK

http://malynar.strom.sk/rocniky/14/mal_14_1.pdf - Malynar seminary journal example, SK

http://malynar.strom.sk/sustredenia.php - Main page of Solvers meetings page, SK

http://malynar.strom.sk/fotky.php?dir=sustredenia/gelnica2004/&view=index - solvers meeting from Gelnica 2004 photos, 10 parts, 10 archives down on page is button for moving

http://malynar.strom.sk/fotky.php?sustredenie=medzev2004&dir=sustredenia/medzev2004/&view=index - solvers meeting from Medzev photos, 5 parts, 5 archives down on page is button for moving


Association Strom – information page

http://zdruzenie.strom.sk - main information page of Strom association

http://zdruzenie.strom.sk/dokumenty.php - documentation page of Strom association

http://skoly.strom.sk - communication with teachers in basic or grammar schools

http://skoly.strom.sk/skoly.php - summary of schools connected to Strom seminaries

http://skoly.strom.sk/kruzky.php - school mathematical groups (meetings) in East Slovakia region

http://skoly.strom.sk/prednasky.php - interesting lectures for solvers organized by Strom

http://skoly.strom.sk/hry.php - many games for solvers meetings, more then 100 games





Contact :

Jesenná 5, 041 54 Košice 1,

Slovakia, European Union

zdruzenie@strom.sk, strom@strom.sk




KMS – Correspondence Mathematical Seminary

  • Oriented for grammar schools (age 15-19) and second part of gymnasiums (lyceums)
  • Oriented for talented and “good” students
  • Exist three categories – alpha, beta and gamma (hardest gamma)
  • KMS is continuation of BKMS (Bratislava Correspondence Mathematical Seminary), SKMS (Middle Slovakia Correspondence Mathematical Seminary) and KS SK MO (Correspondence Seminary of Slovakia Mathematical Olympiad)
  • KMS is cooperating with Mathematical Olympiad in Slovakia
  • Problems from KMS exists in English language. Solvers from abroad can solve KMS in English
  • Successful solvers from MO (regional B and C categories) are invited to solvers meeting
  • Solutions must have similar form like in IMO competition
  • Best solvers are invited to solvers meeting
  • KMS have two MATBOJ competitions
  • Seminary with 20 years tradition


KMS links :

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk - KMS seminary main page

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/archiv.php - KMS archive of problems

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/award.php - KMS year travelling award for best solver

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/poradie.php - actual summary of KMS solvers

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/vzoraky.php - solutions for last series

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/veduci.php - KMS group leaders


http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/mo.php - KMS and Mathematical Olympiad Competition

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=matboj_5_dec_2003 - photos from KMS MATBOJ 2003

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=alfa_20032004_let - KMS solvers meeting Alfa category

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=beta_20032004_let - KMS solvers meeting Beta category

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=stanovacka_2004 - some photos from KMS camping, year 2004

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=stanovacka_2003 - some photos from KMS camping, year 2003

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/akcia.php?akcia=general - Some photos from KMS meeting


Last BKMS pages

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/bkmsarchiv.php - BKMS last main page

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/bkmszadania.php - Archive of problems

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/bkmslistiny.php - Summary of BKMS seminary

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/bkmsveduci.php - Old group leaders of BKMS


Last SKMS pages

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/skmsarchiv.php - SKMS last main page

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/skmsveduci.php - Old group leaders of SKMS

http://bkms2.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/sustr_skms.php - Pohtos from SKMS solvers meetings








Contact :

KGADM (Department of Algebra, Geometry and Mathematics Education)


Mlynská dolina, 842 48 Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union

Lubos.Sestak@st.fmph.uniba.sk KMS director

http://kms.sturak.sk - official web page of KMS




FKS – (Fyzikálny Korešponedečný Seminár - Correspondence Physical Competition)

  • Seminary with more then 20 years tradition directed in physics
  • Oriented for talented students of grammar schools (age 15-19)
  • Younger solvers are able solving FKS, classified like 15 year solver
  • Two parts, winter and summer with three series
  • Best solvers are invited to solvers meeting, two per year
  • Exists FKS NABOJ (similar like MATBOJ for mathematics)
  • Exists two categories, B and A, for young and for older solvers
  • Information about FKS are included in English in attached doc file


http://www.fks.sk - FKS main page

http://www.fks.sk/archiv/index.html - Archive of problems, from last several years, SK

http://www.fks.sk/naboj/index.html - Basic page of NABOJ

http://www.fks.sk/naboj/viac.html - Photos from last NABOJ

http://www.fks.sk/fotoar/index.html - Photos from many actions, SK

http://www.fks.sk/veduci/index.html - Coordinators, photos, basic info, SK

http://www.fks.sk/veduci/oldies.htm - Old coordinators, photos, basic info, SK


Contact :


(KZDF - Department of physical education)

FMFI UK  (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius university)

Mlynska dolina, 842 48 Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union

fks@fks.sk, 0brozova@st.fmph.uniba.sk (director, Renáta Brozová)





KSP – Correspondence Seminary in Programming

  • Seminary with more then 20 years tradition directed in programming
  • Oriented for talented students of grammar schools (age 15-19)
  • Younger solvers are able solving KSP, classified like 15 year solver
  • Two parts, winter and summer with two series
  • Best solvers are invited to solvers meeting, two per year
  • Exists two categories, Z and A, for young and for older solvers (for better and best solvers)
  • KSP can solve students from abroad in English language
  • Exist official www page in English language
  • KSP team organize some other competitions in programming, IPSC, MOP, Programming with Cofax
  • KSP team support Mathematical Olympiad category P


www.ksp.sk - main page of KSP seminary

http://www.ksp.sk/ksp/sustredenia.php - photos from solvers meeting or KSP camps

http://www.ksp.sk/ksp/english/ - KSP English version

http://ipsc.ksp.sk/ - Internet Problem Solving Contest (IPSC) English version

http://www.ksp.sk/mop/english/ - Slovak National Olympiad in Programming, MO P category, English version


Contact :

Department of Informatics Education, FMFI UK

Mlynska dolina, 842 48 Bratislava, Slovak republic, European Union



Phone :

+421 2 60 295 210

+421 2 654 25 800 ext. 210

Fax :

+421 2 654 24 826




KAFOMET (KAtalog FOriem a METód práce, Catalogue of working forms and methods)

  • Catalogue of teachers education experience, practical methods of education work
  • International activity on teachers practice education experience exchange
  • KAFOMET is commercial product published in INFRA publish house in Czech republic
  • Divided to two parts, for infant schools (age of kids 3-6) and for basic schools (first degree (1-5 classes, age of pupils 7-11), second degree (6-9 classes, age of pupils 12-15).
  • Fast use on education, just choose from catalogue, oriented for practical use as possible
  • KAFOMET support all subjects, natural sciences, human sciences, languages, music education and other
  • Nice and practical composition of all papers on current parts
  • Nice and practical design of all articles, practical icon descriptions
  • KAFOMET have Basic catalogue + actualisations (periodicity 3 per year)
  • Articles are with honorary, 300CK, at about 10 EURO per one page
  • Free to download some professor Hejny’s articles in Slovak or Czech language
  • WWW site have documentation for preparing article, examples, information about actualisations, information about key words (reserved words), theoretical part of articles published in KAFOMET, published education articles NOT in KAFOMET in file version (with author and publisher acceptation only)
  • Articles can be written in English too. KAFOMET translation to origin languages is in progress automatically
  • You can register for e-news, all actual info about KAFOMET, when is actualisation released, or, if are special actions
  • You can buy articles (items, papers) from KAFOMET separately by subject, by article. If you buy whole parts, the cost is chipper.
  • Answer to your requests are fast, not more then three days
  • Correspondence seminaries are using KAFOMET for his education activities
  • If you are interested on description of icons, contact publisher house


www.kafomet.com - main page of KAFOMET

www.vidact.com - Virtual Institute of didactics main page

http://www.kafomet.cz/stazeni.htm - Free downloads, education articles or books, in Slovak or Czech language

http://www.kafomet.cz/doc/navod.pdf - Introduction to preparation the articles to KAFOMET

http://www.kafomet.cz/ms/nahled.php3 - The look of one article from KAFOMET

http://www.kafomet.cz/doc/detail.jpg - Description of all icons used in the title of article

http://www.kafomet.cz/doc/vzhled.jpg - Description of all parts used in the body of article

http://www.kafomet.cz/doc/pojmy.pdf - Description of all reserved words (meaning) used in articles

http://www.vltava2000.cz/kafomet/ - Here you can buy KAFOMET, all is in Czech language, better for you is contacting publishing house with email or phone

http://www.kafomet.cz/kont.htm - Redaction committee, contacts to members, practical consultants – they can help you to prepare article to KAFOMET, consultants are in general standard teachers from basic schools





Contact :

Publishing house - INFRA
Tyršova 241, 675 22 Stařeč, Czech republic, European Union

Phone/FAX : 568 851 733, 568 850 770
FAX : 568 850 771
infra@volny.cz (director – Ing. Petr Hodek)

www.kafomet.com or www.kafomet.cz (all in Czech language)



* Beatific are all people who have NOT seen, known atmosphere in many activities, seminaries, but likely accepted, helped, believed work of seminaries. Practical blindness was and is limitation, but not possibility understanding all about seminaries here. Because I have not solved seminaries, because 5% of vision was strong limitation, I started preparing, testing methods for visually impaired, for possibilities solving seminaries. Specially with EuroProject LAMBDA www.lambdaproject.org. Games presents great motivation for something. Blind must NOT be limited.